About US

 We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of LASEROPHOT Brightness
Tester to measure Brightness Opacity, Gloss, Whiteness, Lightness, Chromaticity  etc. for more than 30 years.
We have been awarded an International Award for Quality and Technology for 1991
given by Germany and Spain ( Trade Leaders' Club - Club Lideres Del Comercio (Madrid) ) through their
own world survey.
We are recipients of Bharat Vikas Award for 1997. Every effort is made to conform to CIE, TAPPY,
ISO standards. Our LASEROPHOT matches well with its imported equivalents, viz. Elrapho, Photovolt,
Technibrite etc.
We are proud to mention here that for the first time in the world we have developed new versions of
Microprocessor Meter Models viz
LASEROPHOT LX 61 Table Model & Portable Model (0-45 Geometry)
Please write us.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully
( Mrs.) A. P. Ghanekar (Athavale)

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