Laserophot LX 61 (Table Model)

Technical Information A) Electrical Input 230V / 115 V AC, 50Hz B) DIMENSIONS Main Unit Unit Size L 280mm X B 265mm X H 120mm Unit Weight 4.7 Kg C) Optical Sensors Directional Reflectance Lamp Source Tungston ‘A’ Source Geometry Incidence 00 – Reflectance 450 Filter Built-in Filter Sensors Sample Area Circle 18mm Diameter D) Zero STD. Cavity [ Black Body ] Ceramic Tile STD. Calibrated with respect to BaSO4 As per ISO Standards. E) LCD Display Range 0 % to 999.9 % Stable & Repeatable Results Microprocessor meter having built-in calibration program Installation Procedure :- DEMO :- :